"Like never before our worlds are intertwining & the new ways are becoming the new norm. Working is something we do. Living and creating is something we are meant for."


It's time for your team to lead the charge for the future and experience a new way of doing business. Where your success & growth is no longer simply measured in sales numbers but by making messages matter by putting purpose first with our incredible new holistic marketing and ethical business solutions featuring revolutionary biospheric & eco-infrastructure approaches to your office, warehouse or store locations.

Whether it's increasing productivity with quarterly meetings in the great outdoors, team building on a space-simulation expedition, holding virtual meetings inspired by Ancient Greece, or preparing your next grand opening in a football stadium, we understand that great ideas are built at the edge of your comfort zone.

Somewhere on earth, under the blue sky while facing the sun, everything changed. In a moment, a conceptual idea was planted and just like that it started growing its roots. Understanding its origin at last, it finally could flourish. It did a lot more than that however, it found its purpose.

Remember where it all began? Don't forget where or why it started. Certainly don't let that stop you from growing as tall as the sky itself.  Take both your team and your brand to the next greatest place...

The future is here so REFRESH, RESET & RISE!





Essentially what happens when we plant a tree in a new environment depends completely on how much care, research and attention we provide to supporting the organism.

Brands and teams are like gardens we must tend to with care. Certain departments need special attention or have very different needs when it comes to being productive, happy, successful and ultimately experiencing growth. 

Businesses are growing fast and just like gardens and trees, we're evolving from our origins. But what if that transition was not a shock? What if your team flourished like never beforehand and the best of the past continued to grow into the future? 

With our groundbreaking future-heritage approach, we can help organically develop everything from the workflow to revolutionizing the entire infrastructure of the company.  


    Holistic Approach - AIR Concept

    Revolutionize Your Business Operations

    Circuit Shock: Groundbreaking Team Building

    In-Depth Virtual Reality, AI & Automation

    Leverage Winning Lessons of The Past

    Connect With Consumers Closer Than Ever Before!

    Scaleable & Sustainable Solutions

    Imagine Is Real. 




    Because the office can, and should be, your happy place.

    A work space should be inspiring, motivating and there to creatively push your team by allowing them to freely move and experience ideas from a different perspective. Whether it's with our Moon-Based Logic approach to business solutions (seeing things from an alternative point of view) or increasing sustainable, eco-friendly processes in the workplace, we want to help businesses just like yours find their path in the new world. Helping you decrease your carbon footprint while creating happy, healthy and passionate teams, all with the same innovative vision is our mission. Bringing biophilic architectural designs and imaginative art to workspaces, store locations and warehouses, we are ready to help you on your journey.

    Together, we can create a moving world; a unique workplace where you and your team will feel at home and more connected with nature than ever."

           Holistic Approach - Green House Concept

    Eco-Friendly Future Heritage Focus 

    Enlightened Office Design

    Biophilic Green Approach

    Renewable Clean Energy

    Scaleable & Sustainable Solutions

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Refresh, Reset & Rise! 


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    Pair: "Air The Concept" + "Business Coaching Elite" 

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