Advertising & Marketing

Consumer psychology and the lightning fast advancement of technology is bringing us to a turning point in marketing. 

Approaching campaigns with innovative ideas that feel natural and organic is the new way. Connecting with consumers in places and ways that are fresh and exciting but with familiarity is key to the success of any campaign. 

Whether it's taking your brand into the wild, or connecting through VR - consumers want to move with you and ethically connect with your company by choice meaning we must automatically become the preferred option by increasing our visibility, benefits and highlights. 

Our team of marketing experts will help bring your brand to focus, creating you a custom campaign that suits your needs.


Focused Approach - Advertising & Marketing

Imaginative Ideas, Innovative Concepts

In-Depth Market Research

Ethical Marketing Emphasis

Multi-Faceted Marketing - Digital Ads, Brand Partnerships & more! 

Reach New Markets Fast

Measurable Results, Sustainable Solutions

Making Messages Matter By Putting Purpose First!

Pair: "Marketing" + "Brand Partnerships" + "Aftercare"

Key Sales Marketing

Maximizing your impact on the Key Sales Events of the retail calendar year should be a top priority for start-ups and large multi-national corporations.

Whether it's planning door-crashing offers for Black Friday that'll leave your competitors in the dust, conceptualizing viral influencer marketing campaigns across several languages for Valentine's Day, or boosting multi-platform digital ad presence for the holiday season, we're able to plan multi faceted marketing campaigns for the key sales events of the year.  Also available for new product launches, store openings and latest collections. 

How does it work? Easy! We identify the most important retail sales events of your calendar year and create brand-driven, sustainable, targeted campaigns with a deep focus on ROI that will leave your consumers both engaged and inspired!

Focused Approach - Key Sales Marketing

In-Depth Market Research

Series of Key Retail Sales Events (Black Friday/Boxing Day etc)

Multi-Faceted Marketing - Ads, Brand Partnerships, Social Media & more!

Ethical, Sustainable Approach

New Product or Latest Collection Launches AVAILABLE!

Making Messages Matter By Putting Purpose First!

 Pair: "Key Sales Marketing" + "Brand Partnerships" + "Aftercare"


Brand Partnerships

 The "Original Gold Standard" in brand partnerships.

From the beginning of the explosion of influencer marketing on social media, Black Sand PR & Entertainment Inc. was there and continues to be at the forefront of global brand partnerships. We have helped countless start-ups and established companies grow their brand by harnessing the power of influencer marketing. Our unrivalled market knowledge and expert guidance allows you to rest assured you are getting the best value and ROI possible.

We are able to create a custom brand partnerships / influencer marketing campaign for your brand with your specific budget and needs in mind. Depending on your requirements, we can fully conceptualize, appropriately cast talent, pitch your brand and manage the campaign from start to finish!

Focused Approach - Brand Partnerships

In-Depth Market Research

Insight & Demographics Review

Influencer Marketing

Expert Talent Casting

Collaborate With World-Class Influencers

Gorgeous Global Campaigns

Scalable & Sustainable Solutions

Find Incredible Face(s!) For Your Brand!

Pair: "Brand Partnerships" + "Key Sales Marketing"


Branding / Holistic Social Feed

Entice customers with quality content, products and marketing by mastering the lost art of not selling.  

Promotional posts, busy feeds and disconnected brands who offer little benefit to consumers (or a positive brand feeling) are a thing of the past. From your company branding to the look of your social media feeds and ads, everything must feel natural and true to your consumers and future audience. Allowing those who align with your brand to become more at ease, feeling closer than ever, will transform everything including the way your product ads and promotions look, function and feel. 

Our team of branding and marketing experts is ready to help your brand refresh, reset and rise! 

Focused Approach - Branding

Holistic Social Feed 

In-Depth Market Research

Brand Refresh or Brand Overhaul (Rebrand)

Stunning Aesthetics, Brand Voice & Story

Experience The Lost Art Of Not Selling To Sell MORE!

Pair: "Branding" + "Social Media Audit & Review" + "Social Media Restructure & Strategy" or "Product Development" or "Holistic Social Feed"


Creative Direction (Adverts, Photoshoots, Videos, Web & more)

It's time to speak to your audience in ways you've never imagined with our highly-popular Creative Direction service. Guiding you through the entire process from start to finish, we'll produce a stunning project that will ensure you have plenty of fresh marketing content! 

Our expert team of creative directors will conceptualize the photo/video shoot, storyboard it, find the talent and provide detailed visual guides to the photography/videography/hair/stylist/makeup crew for shoot day! From scouting & casting the models that your audience will best identify with to sourcing the hottest photographers on the market, we'll handle the entire creative direction for your project.

For photoshoots, we'll create a campaign that truly captures the essence of your latest product or collection, presenting it in a fresh, innovative manner that sells. Looking for video? Whether it's a quick moving-image series to educate your consumers about product technology, provide entertaining behind-the-scenes content for digital subscribers, shooting a groundbreaking music video or even creating a video advert for your new collection - we've got you covered!

Focused Approach - Creative Direction

Campaign Conceptualization

Art Direction & Storyboarding

Expert Casting & Location Scouting Services (Creative & Models)

Photographer & Videographer Guides

Styling, Make-Up, Hair Directives

Music Sourcing & Licensing

Perfect for New Collections & Products & One-Off Marketing Initiatives

Bring Your Brand To Life With Our Inspiring Virtual Delivery!

Pair: "Creative Direction" + "Branding" + "Holistic Social Feed" 


Content Creation

Whether it's aesthetically beautiful product shots or brand-appropriate social media flat-lays, you send us the products you wish to be shot, and our team of art directors and creatives will professionally shoot and edit them!

With the endless sea of content going live across social media, brands must continue to generate fresh content daily in order to stay relevant and keep their consumers engaged. One must educate, entertain and engage their audience with innovative and interactive content that both inspires and speaks to them personally with emotion.

Focused Approach - Content Creation

Product Photography + Product 360 (NEW!)

Social Media Flat-Lay

Art Direction & Props

Professional Photography & Editing

Refresh Your Feed & Place Your Products In The Best Light!

    Pair: "Content Creation: Product Photography" + "Content Creation: Product 360" + "Content Creation: Social Media Flat-Lay" 

    Note: If Client wishes to have items returned, this must be established prior to hiring. Client pays shipping costs. Please note that the products may be in a "Used" condition upon return due to the nature of the photoshoots.  


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    Please note: the above information is for reference purposes only and each campaign project's services are uniquely tailored to your needs. Subject to availability. Results may vary. Additional terms & conditions may apply.