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Encompassing both business and lifestyle, it's time to find the perfect balance between wealth and health, career goals and life goals, so that your accomplishments don't have to come at the cost of inner happiness and growth. Perhaps you have aced your sales goals, but are left feeling unfulfilled and are looking for ways to give back. Maybe you are looking to spend more time on the "fun" aspect of your job. It could also be that you're looking to set a new record for sales next quarter, or wish to be the first to accomplish something revolutionary in your industry.     

Be it business or personal, we can help you get back to what matters most by putting purpose first.  Learn about how you can leverage modern technologies to automate your business processes to save time so you have more time to spend on what matters most to you, whether it be family, philanthropy, travel or even new business ventures etc! We'll find what motivates you and discover what challenges you face, and provide meaningful strategies and solutions that fit with your lifestyle. This way you can continue to reach new heights, at your own pace! 

With closer access than ever, our customized roadmaps to success and leadership consultations will help you continue and sustain your journey to success for years to come.

    Holistic Approach - Mind, Body & Business Focus

    Exclusive 1-On-1 Coaching

    Luxury, White-Glove Consultation

    Motivation for Winners - By Winners

    Ethical Development & Success

    Enhanced Privileges including Increased Access available.

    Become the Best You & Live Your Best Life!

    Pair: "Business Coaching Elite" + "Corporate Restructure & Strategy"


    Business Coaching

    Perfect for start-up owners and entrepreneurs who wish to focus on the sustainable growth and development of their business.

    Perhaps you have experienced some great revenue so far, but are wondering what's next and ask yourself how do I scale from here? Heard about the wonders of influencer marketing, but aren't sure where to start?

    The questions and challenges an entrepreneur faces are endless and expert guidance from those who have lived it can be key to success. Providing terrific value, we can tailor our services to suit your specific needs and help you create a measurable roadmap to success at an affordable price.

    Learn about how you can take the next steps to reach new goals and effectively market your products by speaking to your consumers in ways they will truly understand!

    Focused Approach - Business

    Exclusive 1-On-1 Coaching

    Motivation for Winners - By Winners

    Ethical Development & Success

    The Power of Automation

    Learn How to Develop Your Business Like a Pro!

    Pair: "Business Coaching" + "Corporate Restructure & Strategy" 


    Corporate Restructure & Strategy

    Even the best run companies need fine tuning at times, and third party consultants can provide an invaluable outside perspective.

    From solving corporate communication or structural issues to recommending customer service (& sales/marketing/social media) process changes - and everything in between - we'll do a deep dive and get to the bottom of the issues at hand and provide meaningful, sustainable solutions.

    We'll find if there is a blockage in your sales funnel and help the customer complete check-out easier and faster than ever before. It may be a lack of consumer education, poor in-store marketing, an inadequate returns process, an unusable website, a messy social media feed or lack of team building etc that is getting in the way of your business growth. Each business has it's own set of evolving challenges but rest assured, whatever it is, we'll identify it and help you fix it! 

    This service is particularly popular during COVID-19 as clients are struggling to adapt to remote working and the unique challenges this brings. 

    Focused Approach - Business

    In-Depth Key Issue Analysis 

    Customer / Employee / Executive Surveys

    Feedback Consultation & Team Interviews

    Implementable Restructure Strategy 

    Meaningful Strategies, Sustainable Solutions.   

      Pair: "Corporate Restructure & Strategy" + "Implementation & Integration" + "Training" + "Aftercare"


      Hiring & Employee Integration

      Whether it's headhunting a superstar candidate or finding the perfect fit for your department's unique workplace culture, we can assist with preparing job listings, reviewing resumés, performing interviews and making hiring recommendations.

      Finding the right candidate takes a unique blend of analytical and personal skills and with remote working becoming increasingly commonplace, it is more important than ever to choose somebody who compliments your existing team. 

      Attracting and securing the best applicants begins with an engaging and carefully written job listing, thorough pre-qualification of resumés with immaculate attention to detail, continues with meaningful application process management and ultimately ends with providing a professional representation of your company during the interview process.

      This is why our team of business marketing experts is superbly well placed to help your company find an excellent pool of qualified applicants. 

      After hiring, we now offer the option of "Employee Integration" to help integrate your employees into the workforce for maximum success. Especially popular during remote working, we make sure that the new hires have everything they need to get started, help them settle into their job by receiving any assets necessary and create opportunities to meet their team members!


              Focused Approach - Hiring

              Job Listing Development &/or  Creation

              Hiring Process Management

              Resumé Review

              Custom Interviews

              Profile Recommendations

              Create The Perfect Team For Your Brand!

              Pair: "Hiring" + "Employee Integration" + "Aftercare"



      Product Development

      If you're looking for cutting edge, brand-appropriate ideas for your latest product or a collection that will speak to your audience - you're in the right place!

      We can help your team develop exciting products that benefit from a fresh perspective. Developing products that inspire audiences takes industry insight combined with a deep comprehension of brand identity. It takes business knowledge to understand the value of a solid profit margin and marketing expertise to create a buzz-worthy product that sells itself. Our team of business marketing experts will be delighted to examine your brand's unique heritage and create a competitive product or collection that will maximize your impact and ensure your legacy for years to come. 

      Focused Approach:  Product Development

      In-Depth Market Research

      Conceptualization of Product

      Development of Product Aesthetics, Name, Features & Marketing 

      Reach New Demographics

      Engage Your Audience & Solidify Brand Identity


        Social Media Audit & Review 

        Social Media is evolving. The way we reach our audience and impact how they feel and think is more important than ever.

        Much like a luxury car or elegant timepiece, it is important to maintain your investment on a regular basis. We can establish the key issues surrounding your social media performance, discover what works and what doesn't, as well as detailing our findings allowing you to fine-tune your performance.

        With the utmost consideration given to consumer psychology and emotion, we  take a closer look at your social media pages, analyzing aesthetics, insights,  analytics and overall performance. 

        There's many reasons why your audience may not be growing, engaging, purchasing or identifying with your brand's message. Social Media is often one of the primary sources of a brand's sales funnel blockage, with inconsistent messaging making it more difficult for a customer to end up purchasing. For example, it may be a lack of fresh content, inconsistent aesthetics, or inadequately trained employees that is causing issues.

        This is why in this service you will discover how we make messages matter by putting purpose first. Purpose can create a movement and your brand should become their new mantra. 

        Please note: Our in-depth review of your social media performance will allow you to implement meaningful change based on our observations. Please see "Social Media Restructure & Strategy" for us to provide in-depth strategies based on our findings.

        Focused Approach:  Social Media Performance

        In-Depth Market Research

        KPI Review, By The Numbers & Core Statistics

        Brand Partnerships Performance

        Sales Funnel Pulse Check & CTA

        Employee Surveys & Interviews

        Expert In-Depth Analysis & Review

        Pair: "Social Media Audit & Review" + "Social Media Restructure & Strategy" + "Implementation & Integration" + "Training" + "Aftercare"


          Social Media Restructure & Strategy

          Let our team of experts provide meaningful solutions and strategies that will aim to remedy any issues at hand, helping you to rapidly shift gears and supercharge your social media performance.

          Often paired with "Social Media Audit & Review" for best results. With an influx in businesses switching their efforts to online, it is more important than ever to make your social media presence count. 

          From solving a lack of consumer engagement or in-cohesive aesthetics to recommending brand partnerships, content creation and hiring process changes - and everything in between - we'll let you know the steps to success with our action plans which are custom made for your unique set of issues. 

          Our focus is on providing thoughtful insight with meaningful strategies and sustainable solutions to help you revolutionize your social media. 

          Focused Approach:  Social Media Performance

          In-Depth Key Issue Analysis

          Custom Action Plans

          Implementable Restructure Strategy

          Feedback Consultation

          Meaningful Strategies, Sustainable Solutions. 

           Pair: "Social Media Audit & Review" + "Social Media Restructure & Strategy" + "Implementation & Integration" + "Training" + "Aftercare"



          Whether you are a busy executive who would like "Media Training" to prepare for an upcoming television appearance or print interview, or a certain department's management could do with coaching, we're sure to have a solution that meets your needs.


          We're proud to offer a variety of holistic training programs including "Media Training", "Social Media Training" and "Sales Training" to both corporate executives and employees.

          In today's competitive world, it's absolutely crucial to continue to grow and develop your skills in order to succeed. Our team of dedicated industry experts can help you and your workforce reach the next level giving you that all important edge on the competition.

          Perhaps it is your social media department that is struggling and requires intensive "Social Media Training", or the front-line sales team needs consumer-psychology driven "Sales Training" that actually makes a difference - let us know and we can tailor the perfect package for you.  

          Focused Approach:  Training

          1-On-1 or Group Virtual Training via Zoom / FaceTime / Phone. 

          Available to CEO's, Corporate Executives, Management & Employees. 

          Relatable Instruction & Demonstration

          Custom-Made Training Materials

          Tailored To Your Business

          Learn New Skills & Get The Edge. 

           Pair: "Training" + "Aftercare"


          Implementation & Integration

          Whether it's implementing our proposed action plans and strategies, or integrating new employees into the team, sometimes it's best to let us handle the implementation as we are fully confident and familiar with the situation at hand. This way clients can save time by freeing up valuable resources and get back to their regular business as soon as possible! 

          Once we have identified the issues at hand and provided various action plans/strategies to remedy them, our clients have three choices - either they implement the action plans themselves, or they hire Black Sand PR & Entertainment Inc. to assist and manage the implementation, in whole or in part.

            Self Directed Implementation (Client Implementation Only)

            Hybrid Implementation (Client + Black Sand PR & Entertainment Inc. Implementation)

            Active Implementation (Black Sand PR & Entertainment Inc. Implementation)

            We can help with making impactful marketing plans, developing company literature, scheduling meetings, creating content, organizing social media feed aesthetics, integrating new employees, drafting sales scripts or even creating an effective Customer Service Returns process system and so much more! 

              Focused Approach:  Implementation & Integration

              Hands On or Hands Off Approach

              Rapid & Effective Implementation

              Sustainable Integration

              Custom-Made Program

              Tailored To Your Business

              Save Time & Focus On The Business.

              Pair: "Training" + "Aftercare"


              Black Sand Aftercare

              Sometimes all that is needed following our services is a series of friendly checkup consultations. Here we make sure that everything remains on track as planned at strategically placed intervals, making sure you protect your investment. 

              Most of our services follow the below trajectory: 

              1. Identification of Issues 

              2. Meaningful Strategies

              3. Implementation & Integration

              4. Aftercare & Maintenance.  

              Our team is ready to follow up to check how your team is responding to any implemented changes and answer any questions you may have. Perhaps you need reminding of a core concept or would like to run through a certain process again - maybe you need guidance as your team is still struggling with a particular issue - no matter the cause, we care deeply about your success and will be delighted to provide you our popular Aftercare service. 

              It's a great way to let your team know you're in it for the long run and that you care about their success in the workplace.  

              Focused Approach:  Aftercare

              1-On-1 or Group Virtual Consultation via Zoom / FaceTime / Phone.

              Available to CEO's, Corporate Executives, Management & Employees.

              Genuine Aftercare Consultation 

              Tailored To Your Business

              Protect Your Investment With Aftercare.


              Book a complimentary Jet Stream Consultation to explore your options and begin your journey!

              If you wish to discuss our services you can also reach us on the contact page and we are available via Phone, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom. 

               +1 438 483 2068


              Please note: the above information is for reference purposes only and each campaign project's services are uniquely tailored to your needs. Subject to availability. Results may vary. Additional terms & conditions may apply.