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What happens when the iconic British brand Land Rover meets one of today's most legendary singer-songwriters on the breathtaking west coast?

From the towering redwood forests to the chilled misty ocean-front beaches, the special social media series "John Mayer Goes Outside" inspires you to imagine all the possibilities of you driving the roaring, unstoppable beast off-road in supreme comfort. 

The reason John Mayer is such an interesting choice for Land Rover is that although he is an American, he fits the quintessential British brand's vibe perfectly. He's edgy, classy, adventurous and fun. 

Recently he stated in several interviews that he's spending more time away from sunny Los Angeles in the rugged mountains of Montana.

A true adventurer. Perfect for Land Rover...? We think so. 

As a brand, John is known for being a phenomenal musician, drawing praises from legends such as Eric Clapton who even went as far as to say he is a "Master" guitar player. 

With his modern twist on classic artists such as Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead we can clearly see (and hear!) that John Mayer gets how important it is to respect heritage, but that one is still able to take this core concept, draw from it and develop it for today's existing market.

It's a crucial adaptive skill-set that Land Rover's designers have had to use themselves to revolutionize the Defender brand for today's era. 

Furthermore, outside of music John Mayer is famous for his love of luxury watches. In-fact, his extensive collection of Swiss-Made timepieces is said to be worth in the region of "tens of millions" of dollars. 

So it is with this in mind that we know John Mayer's word means something when it comes to heritage, taste and quality.

Collaborating with a connoisseur like John Mayer has huge appeal when it comes to the intended audience of well-to-do customers who are happy to let loose with their love for thrilling adventure. 

On a side note, as Mayer is undeniably popular with the female demographic, whom Land Rover no doubt also wishes to court with their larger than life Defender 110, it appears that all bases are covered with this collaboration. 

Our Final Thoughts:

Introducing your brand to the next generation while giving a nod to the past is something we find provides value and creates a new organic connection between consumers and the company.

The way we see our brands and the way fans view us can at times be a completely different story. What will move your consumers might be the history, it may be the future - it is usually a curated combination of both. 

Expertly directed by Eric Ryan Anderson, we believe this special series was a great success and found the perfect balance between old and new.

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March 01, 2021 — Black Sand PR & Entertainment Inc.