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As east met west, a star was born. Founded in 2016 Black Sand PR & Entertainment inc is when business met creativity and a vision of sustainability came to life. 

There is always something left to discover. Conquering unchartered territories has contributed to the exponential growth of mankind. Pushing boundaries has ensured the development and evolution of a species, while raising the bar has proven accomplishments are without limitation. 

In these extraordinary times it's more important than ever to make sure your voice is heard which is why we're making messages matter by putting purpose first. Essentially it is the golden idea that to reach and move your audience, you must provide true meaning and authentic value in everything you do.

To celebrate the new year, it's with pleasure that we introduce you our new website & blog "Phase 28 - Le Magazine". 

Why Phase 28 - Le Magazine?

It's a fascinating piece of trivia that Black Sand PR & Entertainment Inc.'s founders are both born on the 28th day of the month. 

28 days of course is the approximate phase cycle of the moon, where it waxes from new moon to full moon, and wanes from full moon to new moon.

It is perhaps then why we wish to move in sync with our clients, helping them through the various phases of business, from inception to stardom and every memorable moment in-between, meeting challenges head-on with thoughtful business solutions and innovative marketing strategies. 

Ultimately, this is why we decided that "Phase 28 - Le Magazine" would signify the cycle we are forever evolving within together with our clients. It's the idea that despite apparent darkness during these extraordinary times a new, positive day will soon come as sure as the full moon will rise again in time. As does life move in phases, we believe that everything in life must align for one to find true balance, success, health, wealth and happiness. 

Our dedication to business solutions and creative marketing puts our mission at the forefront of everything we do. Implementing innovative concepts that further our philanthropic goals of reforestation and clean oceans, we have come to understand how nature plays a central role in our growth both as a brand and as people.  

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our renowned "Moon-based Logic" where we have the ability to see things from a different perspective, providing a unique insight to our clients and their myriad of at times challenging issues. 

Phase 28 - Le Magazine will therefore aim to provide nutritious material for entrepreneurs, executives and tastemakers with it's range of leading industry tips and insights, exclusive interviews, client spotlights and behind-the-scenes access.

This aspiration, even desire, for growth is why we want to help our clients' dreams and ideas surpass the moon." Edward Clayton Founder @blacksandpr

Did you know?

Different constellations are seen at different times because of the Earth's rotation around the sun. Because of the positions of the Sun, Moon, and the Earth, we experience moon phases that go in a repeated pattern every 28 days.

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March 01, 2021 — Black Sand PR & Entertainment Inc.